Social responsibility

  Corporation responsibility——Under the condition of the socialism market economy, we should focus on economic development as our central task to pursuit company’s profits. And driving for “scientific development”, we implement the concerted development among human and society and economy and construct a comprehensive affluent and harmonious society. We have the responsibility to produce innovative products, and provides convenient and excellent service for our nation.

  Standardize production——In strict accordance with the Medical device-Quality management system-requirements for regulatory for production, even when the equipments came to the market of North America, Europe or Asia and any different countries, we’ll still abide by the regulations. We insist on manufacturing operations safely and improve our security work. Man, machine, material are at a well operation level, and continuously improved to constantly strengthen enterprise safety production standardized construction.

  Environmental protection——Ecological civilization relates to human’s well-being and future. Facing the grim tendency of resource constraint, environmental pollution and the degradation of ecosystems, Raymond Photoelectricity focus on promoting green development, cycle development, low-carbon development to create good production and living environment for human and contribute to the global ecological security.

  Staff care——We devoted to ensure the basic rights of staff, and create a comfortable working environment and good hardware facilities and realize and meet the requirements of the staff. Meanwhile, we also build development platforms and strengthen study and training to achieve staff’s value. Innovation, unity and mutual encouragement is our company’s culture and is the source to condense our staff’s strength.

  Social care——We insist on the principle of "development is from society, dedicate the society with love, build the harmony homeland together ". Our company participates in social entrepreneurship actively, and boosts the harmonious development of enterprise and society.

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