PAM-1 Potential Acuity Meter


Principle: Interference fringe visual standard will be imaged in retina directly by make use of the theory of double-slit interference of light. That will not affected by refracting media to test the retina eyesight(potential eyesight)



Clinical significance

l  Cataract            Forecast the post-operative visual acuity of cataract and guarantee the medical effect.

    l  Weak Sight          Differentiate diagnosis, forecast curative effect, and monitoring methods.

    l  Refractive Error    Estimate the effect of optical correction and forecast the recent development trend.           

    l  Cornea Lesion       Test the function of retina and forecast the vision after treatment.

    l  Vitreous Diseases   Judge the visual effect after excluding the effect of refraction system.

    l  Retina Lesion       Forecast the retinal visual function after surgery.



Visual standard type: Interference fringe

Visual standard precision:0.06  0.12  0.30  0.50  0.60  0.8 

Visual standard angle:0  45  90  135

Power supply mode:Battery


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