The 20th Congress of the Chinese Ophthalmological Society
Release time:2015-04-11


    The 30th Asia-Pacific Academy of Ophthalmology Congress held in conjunction with The 20th Congress of the Chinese Ophthalmological Society had a successful conclusion in Guangzhou Baiyun international convention center.
    The theme of this congress is “interconnection and interworking to co-create the future of Asian ophthalmology”. Enhance the communication of ophthalmology between domestic and international, promote the innovation and development of our ophthalmology and show our development level to all over the world is as the goal. Ophthalmologists from Asian-Pacific region and across the country attended this grand meeting, and communicate and share the latest research achievement about the ophthalmology and vision science with domestic peer. They had the communication and academic lecture on every field of ophthalmology.
    This congress invited many domestic ophthalmologists who have important influence in the international ophthalmology field. They share their research idea and experience, introduce their latest research achievement, show our strength of ophthalmology, inspire the research thought of ophthalmologist and promote the development of ophthalmology.
    Wenzhou Raymond Photoelectricity Tech.Co., Ltd attended this exhibition and show our newly-developed ophthalmologic equipment and build a solid working relationship. Besides, we also explored potential customer and laid a solid foundation to expand the market. During this exhibition, Raymond witnessed the progress and breakthrough of The 20th Congress of the Chinese Ophthalmological Society, and constantly strengths Company’s innovation and development to improve company’s core competence. Meanwhile, we also increasingly developed our product line to meet the need of the consumer market.
    Today, various scientific and technological industry are surging, we should rationally meet the market needs with professional and mature attitudes to contribute to ophthalmology equipment industry.
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