American Academy of Opthalmology Annual Meeting.2015Las Vegas
Release time:2015-12-01



On November 17,2015,the four-day annual meeting of American Academy of Opthalmology came to a successful conclusion in Las Vegas.
AAO as one of the largest conference in the U.S. and global eye academia , has been in its academic frontier, wide-ranging and high-profile.
AAO2015 is adhering to the idea of "exploration eye vision" , focus on the future, based on innovation.Conference topics covering almost
all field of ophthalmology ,attracted the global thousand eyes scientific workers gathered in Las Vegas to jointly discuss the development of
Wenzhou Raymond Photoelectricity Tech Co., Ltd. was invited to attend the exhibition AAO again , to bring the latest series products of
independent research and development . Successfully show the domestic advanced level in medical apparatus and instruments to global
ophthalmologist and ophthalmologists and get the high praise. In this exhibition,Raymond not only witnessed domestic medical equipment
weight in the global market, also found that the huge potential of international medical device market, unearthed a large number of
potential customers, broadening the channels for the international sales market.
In the fierce competition of global medical devices market , the domestic medical equipment is rising as a new strength . Raymond will
to improve core competitiveness and continuous innovation to grasp the opportunity to moving to become “ the top manufacture of medical
equipment in the world”.


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