The 16th National Fundus Disease Academic Conferenceo 2015 Shanghai
Release time:2015-02-04


      “Forum of Ocular Fundus Diseases•The 16th National Fundus Disease Academic Conference• 2015 Shanghai” will be hold in Shanghai Pudong Expo Center from 4th March to 8th March ,2015.


   During the conference, you should register on 4th March, arrange academic exchanges from 4th March to 7th March, and leave on 8th March. In addition to focus on the hotspots and difficulties of checking, diagnosing, treating fundus diseases, the conference will also invite some world-famous specialists to share their academic knowledge. Besides, the fundamental research related to fundus diseases、brilliant new products both at home and abroad and new technology promotion will bring the participants a refreshing cognition and experience.


   In the form of performance, both some dynamic、intuitive way like operation videos, interactive participations such as interlocution about professional knowledge and deciding on work points will be further strengthened. Hope to embody the inheritance and innovation of fundus diseases academic exchanges by varied contents and forms and adds to promote the carrier of fundus diseases and boost the prosperous fundus disease academic exchanges.




   Our company will attend with newest products of 2015. Exhibition number: 55, 56. We sincerely welcome your arrival.





























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