Fundus camera
  • TNF507 fundus camera integrates with fundus fluorescein angiography, fudund color photography and non-mydriatic fundus photograph functions through the combination of different fi...
  • TNF506 fundus camera is equipped with two working modes of mydriatic and non-mydriatic fundus photograph. It not only meets the need of the daily outpatient in ophthalmology, but a...
    Visual function test
  • lamp microscope
  • TSl-5 Slit Lamp adopts HD Galilean Optical System , provide bright anterior eye segment images for doctors.
    Slit lamp digital adapter
    CT-6 Corneal topographer
  • Ct-6 corneal topography instrument is used to measure corneal curvature distribution, which can be widely used in related medical institutions, optometry institutions and scientifi...
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